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Legend of the Ember Wolves

During the Pristine Age of Lindoria, the One rode upon the back of the ground dragon, Novarin, to explore and oversee the world He had created. On one such occasion He stopped at some woods and spoke a blessing over it. Some of the elves that had joined Him on the expedition were intrigued by the words He had spoken, especially the part of the blessing that referred to a life-giving fire which would initiate there.

When it was time to depart, some of the elves decided to stay and look after the woods hoping to witness the prophesied blessing come to pass. The One was touched by their devotion and bestowed upon them the ability to change into fiery wolves as a remembrance of the life-giving fire that would come.

After the Great Wave occurred, the elves could no longer turn into their fiery wolf-form. Those who were wolves when the wave occurred remained in that form permanently. Their home also changed, its trees turning from green to fiery shades of color.

The ember wolves, as they came to be called, and the Emberan Elves quickly became hostile toward each other after the elves took in refugees escaping the devastation of Caineel. The elves and the refugees integrated well with each other and created a safe homeland called Finlar, a place where the ember wolves weren’t welcome. Feeling betrayed, the wolves kept to the northern territory, and became more savage and wild with each new generation.

By the time magic was discovered again through crystals, most of the Emberan Elves had forgotten how to transform into an ember wolf, thus only few could perform the feat. As for the ember wolves, they could utilize only a shadow of the magical fire that once covered their bodies, their red crystal claws allowing them to create magical fire only on their feet.