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Book 1 of the main story line!

"No one can be a slave of both swords.  They will serve one and hate the other..."

In a fallen world where two supernatural swords of power are destined to determine the fates of all, two elves find themselves caught up in a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy that will restore the lives of many.

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Book 2 of the main story line!

“Death magic creeps into the forest… there's rumors of the dead rising up from the ground.”

In an exhilarating sequel to Slaves of Swords, Surge of Shadows brings deeper revelation to the engrossing fantasy story of the two brave elfen brothers and their journey into the epic battle between good and evil, facing the fears that lie within and learning to yield to the Spirit of Anuel, as they overcome in the overwhelming Surge of Shadows.

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The Prequel to Slaves of Swords!


 “Your decisions at this very moment will shape the future of this world as well as your very own.”

As light and hope grew with the ending of the Age of Chaos, so did the impending darkness with its insidious goal to bring the world of Lindoria under its evil dominion. It was the Age of Alliances where an unlikely hero and a void walker will find their destinies intertwined within the struggle between light and darkness that had slowly festered behind the safe walls of Eagle’s Haven.  Join the epic struggle in J. D. Fisher’s scintillating prequel to Slaves of Swords, Tears of Destiny.